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The Bird Woman

Author : Kerry Hardie

UK - HarperCollins
US - Time Warner


The Bird Woman is a moving account of two marriages, a gift that feels like a curse, and the freedom that lies on the far side of our most stubbornly guarded notions of identity. Ellen McKinnon, red-haired, clairvoyant, fiercely independent, find her marriage, her health, her sanity threatened when she ‘sees’ the death of a man in a bomb attack before it has really occurred. Terrified by what’s happening to her, she leaves her home, her tribe, and her husband to live with a man she barely knows in Southern Ireland. There she strives to live a normal life in a different culture, to be accepted by her husband’s family and friends, to learn a new way of living. Though determined to suppress her ‘gift’ at any cost, with the birth of her children the clairvoyance changes and broadens into a power to heal. Slowly, the rumours spread and the sick seek her out, yet with an anger born out of fear, she turns them away from her door. Her husband and her closest friend demand that she question her right to suppress her remarkable powers. Reluctantly she accepts her fate, and begins her work as a healer. But the personal cost is high, and this work begins to damage her most intimate relationships. When news of the final illness of her long-estranged mother forces her to return to her native city, everything falls apart for her and she finds there’s no safe ground beneath her feet.

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